Technology is evolving rapidly! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is such an exciting concept that generates enthusiasm and curiosity in the tech world. It has revolutionized modern business operations by improving efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and cutting costs. As an innovative business, Pimcore has recently launched a new feature in its Enterprise edition - The Pimcore Copilot. As a Pimcore Platinum Partner and AI experts, Javra Software is excited to show you how this new feature can help your business easily achieve its goals! 

Let's start by explaining how Pimcore Copilot can be your ultimate efficiency ally. 

In this new digital era of content and data management, businesses need to be efficient to stay ahead in the market. As a result, Pimcore had the need to meticulously create a groundbreaking extension to its ecosystem. The Copilot Assistant tool was designed to provide personalised support across a range of tasks, streamlining your experience and ensuring you can easily harness the full potential of the platform. 

The features of Pimcore’s AI-powered assistant are incredible! With context-sensitive actions and a robust job execution engine, you'll be amazed by its exceptional capabilities. 

Effortless navigation made possible with context-sensitive actions 

Pimcore created the Copilot assistant to help users navigate in their platform more easily! In fact, this remarkable AI tool adapts dynamically to your tasks, whether you're handling data objects, assets, or custom reports. It also opens in a separate window for a smooth, error-free experience and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple windows and tabs at once. In short, it's not just a tool, it's a central command centre, customised to help you with your daily activities within the Pimcore system! 

Job execution engine: get the full control over your tasks 

Task management has never been easier than it is with Copilot! You’ll be able to manage your tasks effortlessly and accurately, making your work life more enjoyable! It not only gives you complete control and visibility over your current jobs, but you can also monitor its progress, and cancel or restart completed jobs at your convenience. This feature also ensures precise management of your platform operations, such as data imports, updates, or resource-intensive tasks. 

In addition to these features, Pimcore's innovative tool has also pre-configured actions that were carefully designed to make your experience even better. 

Let's take a closer look to these actions: 

  • Effortless Report Access: With this tool you will be able to generate search and open custom reports directly from Copilot. 

  • Dynamic Data Object Variants: You can easily create variants with additional input. This can help you improve the handling of your product variations or even help you generate dynamic content. 




Asset relation assignment: With this action you will be able to automate image assignments to data objects based on specific metadata.



AI-Powered Text Generation: Revolutionize content creation with Text Generation powered by OpenAI. You can now create texts for data objects using AI prompts and refine results through interactive AI model interactions.